Antibody: Artist Statement

Antibody is anti-misogyny, anti-white-supremacy, and anti-ableist. Antibody is pro-queer, pro-Black, pro-Indigenous, pro-women, and pro-children.

Antibody is anti-patriarchy, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, anti-borders, and anti-state. Antibody is pro-socialist, pro-migrant, and pro-decentralization.

Antibody is anti-slavery and anti-war. Antibody is pro-freedom.

Antibody is anti-bullshit-jobs. Antibody is pro-workers.

Antibody is anti-human-trafficking and pro-sex-worker.

Antibody is anti-violence and pro-sex. Antibody is anti-hate and pro-love. Antibody is anti-military-industrial-complex. Antibody is pro-prison-reform. Antibody is pro-tenderness, pro-softness, pro-kindness, and pro-healing. Antibody is pro-community.

Antibody is anti-law-and-order. Antibody is pro-chaos.

Antibody is pro-science and anti-scientism. Antibody is pro-spirituality and pro-nature.

Antibody is anti-dualistic and anti-binary. Antibody is pro-holistic, pro-spectrum, and pro-deviance. Antibody is anti-conformity.

Antibody is anti-DSM. Antibody is pro-madness. Antibody is pro-marijuana and pro-psychedelics, but only for people over the age of twenty-five.

Antibody is anti-suppression. Antibody is pro-expression.

Antibody is anti-reductionist. Antibody is pro-theory.

Antibody is anti-consumption and pro-sustainability.

Antibody is anti-non-profit-industrial-complex. Antibody is pro-grassroots.

Antibody is anti-ally-industrial-complex. Antibody is pro-solidarity.

Antibody is anti-intellectualism, anti-academy, and pro-knowledge.

Antibody is anti-entertainment and anti-propaganda. Antibody is anti-celebrity and pro-artist. Antibody is pro-art, pro-dance, pro-music, pro-theatre, pro-storytelling, pro-comedy, pro-poetry, and pro-joy.

Antibody is anti-insularity. Antibody is pro-unity.

Antibody is anti-normal. Antibody is pro-protest and pro-revolution.

The artist asks that her name not appear on or near any of the artworks should they be shared, and that people avoid using her name when speaking of them. This is not because the artist wishes to remain anonymous, but because Antibody is anti-putting-your-name-on-things.

Antibody is anti-ownership and anti-profit. All images quoting deceased writers are open license and free to use. All images quoting living writers are the creative property of the authors, should they wish to claim them. Antibody is anti-copyright but pro-flexibility.

To support Antibody, the artist asks that you buy books by or donate money to the people quoted in each image so as to empower them as activists, artists, and thinkers to further break the machine.

The artist also suggests donating to prison bail funds, Indigenous land defenders, or a local grassroots organization run by queer and/or BIPOC activists. The artist welcomes suggestions.

Antibody is anti-corporate. Antibody asks that you support independent and radical publishers, magazines, and bookstores.

The artist commits to wearing no make-up and no clothing for this project (the artist will be leaving her earrings in because Antibody is pro-laziness). The artist is prohibited from spending on this project and must use the tools she has available. Antibody is pro-creativity.

All photos will be taken by the artist, or by someone the artist chooses to sleep with, should they wish to participate. The artist may be contacted through her online dating profile, should you find it. Antibody is pro-slut.

Antibody is anti-vanity and anti-shame. If you wish to insult the artist, she has provided a time-saving template for you to do so here.

If you wish to objectify, humiliate, or sexually harass the artist, she has provided a time-saving template for you to do so here.

There are no consequences for failing to follow the requests of the artist, because Antibody is anti-suing-people.

Antibody is pro-human.