Antibody: The Naked Class Traitor

Antibody: The Naked Class Traitor is an interdisciplinary project that collects quotes by left-wing activists, revolutionaries, poets, scientists, psychotherapists, storytellers, artists, and other writers and thinkers, both alive and dead. The intention of this project is to preserve their words and promote their works, by using two of the most popular tools of the Internet: memes and pornography. This is intended with love and appreciation for the words and ideas of the authors chosen for this project.

All of the images in Antibody are originally photographs of the artist taken with an iPhone 7. The images are edited on the iPhone using filters and screenshots, with some images created using as many as a dozen recursions. The quotes are then added in InDesign. This technique is meant to illustrate fractal self-similarity in nature—how the human body (and consciousness) mirrors and reflects the natural world—and one of the theses of the project: that art is what you have left when you remove the noise from reality.

Similarly, an aim of this project is to demonstrate the problems with and limitations of academic insularity, reductionism, and hyper-specialization by collaging ideas from across time, academic disciplines, and artistic forms to show how they mirror each other; to demonstrate the importance of context, of placing each piece in the greater puzzle, of examining both figure and ground.

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